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Empowering Seniors through AI-based Technical & Household Assistance

Patient, clear and personalized Technical Support created for non-digital natives

Senior Man Working from Home

Designed for Seniors

Most digital experiences are optimized for digital-native young or middle-aged adults.  Gildage starts with Seniors, creating a simple to view and understand User Experience that's intuitive for those who didn't grow up with computers or the internet.

Personalized AI

AI can be abstract and intimidating, but with Gildage we use the information that the Senior has shared to make every interaction relevant and personalized to their environment.

Safe and secure

It can be confusing to know where to go for technology help, or frustrating to have to go back to the same people over and over.  With Gildage, Seniors have a trusted contact who will never lose patience!

Easy to use on any device

If a senior is most comfortable using their smartphone, that's where they can use Gildage; more comfortable on their PC, it's a great experience there as well.  

If you'd like to join our group of early users please let us know!

How Gildage Works


Gildage is so friendly and patient helping me solve my tech problems.  I love it!


I signed my father up for Gildage.  Previously he would call me frustrated every few days to help him solve something that went wrong on his iPhone.  Now he checks first with Gildage and solves most of the problems himself!


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